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Suggested Course Study to Meet 最低 Entry Requirements for UAMS College of Pharmacy

Please note that requirements of professional schools change, are posted on their websites, and often take effect immediately. Their requirements supersede 酸 catalog 上市.



  • CHEM 1004, 1014 (General 化学 I, II)*
  • BIOL 1014, 1024 (General 生物学 I, II)*
  • MATH 2014 (Calculus 1)*
  • CORE 1012 (Introduction to the Liberal Arts)
  • CORE 1043, 1053 (Composition I, II)
  • CORE 2223 (Western Letters) or CORE 2123 (American Letters)
  • SPCM 1003 (Fundamentals of Speech Communication)

第一年's Total = 34 hrs



  • CHEM 3004, 3104 (Organic 化学 I, II)*
  • CORE 2113 (American Heritage)
  • ECON 1003 (Intro to Economics & Business) or ECON 2013 (Principles of Macroeconomics) or ECON 2023 (Principles of Microeconomics) or Accounting 2013 (Principles of Accounting I)
  • PHYS 1004 (Introductory 物理 I)*
  • Humanities or Social Science electives 3 hrs
  • Choose two courses from optional list under third year

第二年's Total = 27-29 hrs


Third Year or summers

  • BIOL 3014 (Microbiology)*
  • Choose third course from BIOL 2014, 2024 (Human Anatomy & Physiology I, II), BIOL 4053 (Genetics), BIOL 4063 (Cell & Molecular 生物学), CHEM 2004 (Quantitative Analysis), CHEM 4023 (Biochemistry), MATH 2024 (Calculus II), MATH 2063 (Elementary Statistics), PHIL 1023 (Logic), PHYS 1014 (Introductory 物理 II)

*UAMS pre-pharmacy core courses

Grand total = 69 hrs minimum

The College of Pharmacy at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences requires a typing skill of at least thirty words per minute. A course in typing cannot be counted as an elective. No more than 8 hours of CLEP, AP, or other credit-by-examination will be accepted toward the UAMS pre-pharmacy core courses. No more than 12 hours of CLEP, AP, or other credit-by-examination will be accepted toward the non-core courses. 点击 on the following link for a detailed list of pre-matriculation requirements for UAMS College of Pharmacy. http://www.uams.edu/cop

Ouachita Baptist University currently has a Guaranteed Interview Agreement (GIA) with Union University School of Pharmacy (UUSOP). Students that complete the prerequisite coursework for admission to UUSOP shall be exempt from initial screening and will be granted an admissions interview for the next entering class.  Further details concerning the agreement may be obtained from the Health Professions Advisor.

All students should consult their advisors in planning their programs as there are sometimes reasons for departing from the above program. Those students who plan to obtain a degree before entering one of the professional schools will need to modify the above program. Applicants to pharmacy school must take the Pharmacy College Admission Test, preferably in November or February of the academic year of application.